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Macin Wines Center

At the foot of Măcin Mountains lay Măcin wine center’s vineyards. Going from North to Sounth through Măcin, Greci, Carcaliu and Cerna, they form a line somewhat parallel with the Old Danube. The volcanic rock, the limestone and the loess, together with the mist that lays on the old branch of the Danube (Măcin branch), give birth to terroir, the local wine with a very specific personality.


In Măcin area is produced now a wide range of wines, which bear the impression of their birth place, have an original presentation and an excellent value for price. The wine’s journey begins at Alcovin Măcin, in Tulcea county. The Dobrujan Wine Cellar and Terente’s Vintry - with their traditional menus, wine tastings and wines from Carcaliu and Cerna vineyards - are included in the tourist circuit.
From all the white wines, Aligoté - a French wine, originally – has become a trademark for Sarica Niculițel Vineyard. Dry, heavy, mineral, with a strong scent of earth and flowers in its youth, Aligoté is an excellent match for a lunch with fresh Danube fish and goat cheese or sheep cheese.


Our range of white wines is completed with Fetească Regală and Tămâioasă Românească (Romanian breeds) and also with Sauvignion Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier and Muscat Ottonel, international breeds with notable results in Romanian vineyards. The red wines produced in Măcin are Fetească Neagră, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignion and Pinot Noir.

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